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ATV Rentals with Appalachian Adventures. 

We are located in scenic Luray, Virginia.  We offer trails that are well maintained, specifically designed for easy leisurely rides, a photographer's dream !

And for those who enjoy exhilarating and safe fun, we are your ideal ATV Getaway destination.

 (only 1 – ˝ hours from Washington, D.C.)




Offering ATV Rentals as well as Lodging packages
  we are here to help you plan your next ATV Getaway


We cater to various levels of experience from the easy and nature enjoying trails to the more exciting and challenging levels - Single riders only, and for those with children under 16, request more information on "side-by-sides"

If you are an experienced or a beginner ATV rider, you will have an opportunity to enjoy our scenic properties, the landscapes
that make us proud, and the beauty of
Virginia’s Great Outdoors.

If you are a beginner, our experienced guides will teach you the basics of ATV Riding, elementary maneuvers, location and operation controls, breaking, turning, and stops.  

Once you feel comfortable with the equipment assigned to you and the guide feels comfortable with your new acquired skills, your awesome trip will begin. 

No need to be afraid, we can guarantee you will have an amazing time with us.


On the other hand, if you already have
some experience riding ATV’s, the 
guide will ask you the appropriate questions regarding intermediate maneuvers, such as: climbing, turning, stopping while descending, traversing hills, riding over obstacles, etc., and after you’ve passed our friendly test,  we will just ask you to become familiarized with the ATV assigned you before you can begin having fun.


Keep in mind that regardless of your level of experience, we are here to assist you and to teach you, so you can be part and enjoy the wonderful industry of ATVing.

Remember that riding in the mountains is different than at the beach or on flat lands. The obstacles that you will encounter, such as riding up-hill, down-hill, rocks, ditches,
trees, tree branches, sharp curves,
mud holes, etc.,  makes Appalachian Adventures more aware of keeping our guests safe.

We offer one and two hours ATV expeditions
; the first hour comprises the standard trail, which consists of a straight path combined with small obstacles; when booking a two-hour expedition, our guests get to enjoy more challenges and different terrains.   Our guides are service staff that will accompany you to make sure that you remain within the
appropriate trails according to your level, and to provide assistance in case that is necessary. 



It doesn't get any better or easier than this,

Reserve your ATV Rental with us, and include your lodging. 
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All reservations must be made by phone in advance



Aerial view from some of our private mountain trails

540-743-7311 - LURAY, VIRGINIA   >>>>  Only 1- 1/2 Hours from Washington, DC